The Railway Man


The Railway Man, based on a true story, stars Colin Firth as a railway enthusiast who, in 1980, is still haunted by the horrific memories of his time as a Second World War prisoner of war forced by the Japanese to work on the Burma railroad. He finds out that Takashi Nagase, the Japanese officer who tortured him because he had a map and built a radio, which the Japanese wrongly took to mean that he was helping the Chinese and the Thai resistance, is still alive and is working as a tour guide at a war museum on the railroad. He travels out there, confronts Nagase, and the two become friends.

Verdict – whilst this isn’t the greatest film ever made – it’s rather disjointed and the meetings between the two former soldiers use too many clichés – it tells an important story, and is worth seeing for that reason. There’s so much emphasis on the events of the Second World War in Europe that the events in the Far East don’t receive the attention they deserve.

I was expecting there to be some films about the First World War this year, but it doesn’t look as if there are going to be any. Hmm.

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