The Blue and the Gray by John Leekley


Word PressNothing like an American Civil War/War Between The States novel for a bit of relaxation! This one seemed like a missed opportunity, though – probably because it was written more for TV than as a novel. The idea of a family split by civil war isn’t particularly original but it’s one which does usually work well, and the main characters in this book were all fascinating … but the book was so short and so rushed that I didn’t feel that I got to know any of them as well as I’d have liked to, and that some of them had all sorts of stories in their past which I never got to learn.

The TV series aired in America in 1982, so I don’t suppose there’s any chance now of the author going back to the characters and writing a prequel or a sequel, but it’d be wonderful if he did!

Hello! Please let me know what you think.

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