The Musketeers – BBC 1


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I’ve finally seen all of this, and I wish now that I’d watched it in the first place, instead of boring old Mr Selfridge! I really, really enjoyed it – all good old exciting, swashbuckling drama, and good fun to watch! Not many points for historical accuracy – poor old Louis XIII was depicted as being a) rather a prat and b) devoted to Anne of Austria – and you really couldn’t take it too seriously (especially when d’Artagnan was commissioned into the Musketeers as a reward for killing Vinnie Jones!), but it didn’t take itself too seriously so that was fine.

I did keep wanting to call D’Artagnan “Dogtanian”, half-expecting Milady to appear as a cat and totally expecting “One for all and all for one, muskehounds are always ready,” to be played at the end of each episode, but that’s a compliment to the series, LOL – I always loved Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds!

In summary – a thoroughly entertaining series, and I’m very glad to hear that a second series has already been commissioned.

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