Vikings – History (the History Channel)


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I was very pleasantly surprised by the first episode of this series (I somehow managed to miss it last year, but it’s now being repeated). I was expecting something along the lines of “Rome” or “The Tudors”, but no, this is good stuff! The main character is Ragnar Lothbrok, known to we British historians as Ragnar Hairy Breeks, and it also features Gabriel Byrne as Earl Haraldson (who appears not to have a first name). Seeing as no-one’s quite sure what the accurate history of the period and the characters actually is, it’s hard to comment on that, but the general idea is pretty good, and it’s nice to see a series showing the Vikings from their point of view rather than from that of the people whose homes they raided. Looking forward to the rest of the series very eagerly!

4 thoughts on “Vikings – History (the History Channel)

  1. Dorian

    My husband was an extra in season two of that show, and is hoping to be hired again for season three (which is about to start filming).


  2. We have it on the box waiting to be watched. We also missed it the first time around – the first I knew of it was when it appeared on my Amazon recommendations.


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