Promised Lands by Elizabeth Crook


Word Press
This is a novel about the Texan Revolution but, rather than the same old, same old stuff about the Alamo, it concentrates on Goliad, San Jacinto and the impact of the war on civilians. It’s not a military novel by any means – there are several romances in it, none of which, sadly, end up going anywhere – but it is fairly brutal. The Texan War of Independence, like the War Between The States, does have a veil of romanticism covering it, and it’s important to remember that there really isn’t anything romantic about war, especially when the victorious side quite literally takes no prisoners.

It’s a very good read, and includes many interesting and different characters. However, I’ve got one big complaint about it, and that’s that it doesn’t really finish properly. We’re left wondering what even the immediate future holds for most of the main characters, and that’s rather annoying. However, we’re left in no doubt that all those who’ve survived are going to be scarred by the war for the rest of their lives. Never mind John Wayne films and Marty Robbins or Johnny Cash songs. I just wish I knew what happened to all the characters whose stories were left hanging!!

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