The Monuments Men


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This had the potential to be a very interesting film. Unfortunately, it failed to fulfil it. The subject matter of the film, the efforts made to protect great works of art from being destroyed by the Nazis as the Second World War drew to a close, based on facts and with characters loosely based on real people, was fascinating. The film itself wasn’t. For a kick off, some of it was so farcical – especially all the silly accents and mistakes with the language – that I kept expecting someone to announce that The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies was hidden inside a knockwurst sausage. That sort of thing’s great in ‘Allo ‘Allo, which I love, but it didn’t work in this context. Far more annoyingly, the film pretty much made out that the only people who made any effort to save these works of art were the Americans. The British role was made to seem far less important than it was – which I understand that the family of Ronald Balfour, the leading Briton in the field, are very angry and distressed about – and the Soviets were just sneered at.

What a shame. I think the film’s still worth seeing, if only because it draws attention to a little-known aspect of the war, but, unfortunately, it’s yet another example of Hollywood ignoring the historical facts. Not impressed.

2 thoughts on “The Monuments Men

  1. Oh dear, still haven’t seen it but I suppose that was predictable. Bit like the film that showed how the enigma machine was captured by the Americans, I suppose. Though that did, apparently, have a tiny disclaimer in the small print at the end!


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