The Ark – BBC 1


Word PressThe Bible meets Coronation Street meets Bread!  Brilliant, BBC :-). LOL.  Incidentally, I am not classing the story of Noah as history, but it’s a story and it’s set in the past – so it counts!   So, we had Noah and his family (nice to see Mrs Noah actually being given a name), all speaking with Manchester accents.  This was good.  I like the idea of important Biblical characters speaking with Manchester accents :-).  We didn’t have any animals, going in two by two or otherwise, though, which was a bit daft – but, bizarrely, the story worked quite well without them. And, whilst there weren’t any animals, there were some cracking shots of the Moroccan desert – Ouarzazate, presumably (been there, nice place!).

The Bible doesn’t really go into any of the practicalities of the story of the Ark.  This did, and it somehow did so without making it seem like a total piss-take.  How on earth were they going to have all these animals in an Ark without any of them eating each other, Emmie (Mrs Noah) enquired.  And was it really necessary for Noah to put all their clean clothes and all their kitchen stuff on to the Ark when it hadn’t even started to rain yet –  how were they meant to manage in the meantime?  Then there were Ham and Shem and their wives, wondering how on earth they were going to get any “privacy” when they were all living in the same place.  And I’m sure there were only three sons in the Bible story, but in this there was a fourth son, who didn’t come on the Ark because he decided to stay with his girlfriend instead.

There was a more serious side to it, though.  Noah wasn’t an annoying preachy type, but he did take his messages from On High very seriously, and he did talk a lot about how the world had got off track and kids were running wild and so on … and did so without manage to sound like either an annoying right-wing politician or a mad religious fanatic.  I don’t know what traditionalists made of this, but I found it surprisingly entertaining.  Even without any animals …


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