Songs of Love and War by Santa Montefiore


Word PressThis isn’t brilliant.  It sounded promising – the lives of three young women and how they were affected by Irish independence and the events leading up to and following it – but it was rather confused and full of rather unlikely events, non-sequiturs and storylines that weren’t fully developed.  The twist in the tale at the end wasn’t even remotely convincing.  Also, fancy referring to the marriage of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and “Prince George”!  I thought the Palmer-Tomkinsons and the Montefiores were as thick as thieves with Prince Charles, but evidently Santa doesn’t even know what his grandfather’s name was!

I gather from things people have written on Amazon that most of the author’s books are a lot better than this one.  Good!  It was an interesting idea, and some of what was written about the events in Ireland wasn’t bad, but there were too many characters and too many storylines and none of them were properly developed.  Could have done a lot better!


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