The Halcyon – ITV 1


Word PressThis was the only the first episode so hopefully it’ll get better, but I’m afraid I wasn’t very impressed with last night’s episode. For a kick-off, the beginning was confusing. It showed us bombs reducing everything to rubble during the Blitz, then went back several months in time. What was the point of that? Why not just start at the earlier point?!  Bad start.

But, OK, a bad start could have been forgiven if some of the characters had been appealing … but they all seemed to be either scheming or silly, pointless and stereotypical. There wasn’t even a good baddie! The poodle-haired Nazi mistress was just annoying. Why was she at the top-secret political meeting anyway? Why didn’t the other people at the meeting appear in any other scenes? Why is there this idea that the aristocracy was teeming with Nazi sympathisers, just because of the Duke of Windsor and one of the Mitford sisters? And was that comment about “itinerants” supposed to be some sort of reference to current affairs, because it wasn’t really something that anyone, Nazi sympathiser or otherwise, would have said in 1940.

Also, what exactly was the point of the tarty singer? And there were a lot of hints about scheming and secrets, but none of them were really that interesting; and some of the scenes seemed like they belonged in a Carry On film (except that they weren’t funny and Carry On films are).

I didn’t even get why a lord should have owned and been living in a hotel anyway. Maybe he was only a first or second generation lord and the title’d been a reward for providing Edward VII or Lloyd George with rooms to sneak away to with their mistresses :-). But, if so, we weren’t told. And where were the exciting guests, other than the American reporter? Incidentally, how come the American reporter was still after the hotel after he’d broadcast allegations (based on one conversation with the dozy younger son) about its owner being involved in secret moves to make peace with the Nazis? And how come whichever radio station he worked for broadcast the story based on nothing but the conversation with the said dozy younger son?

Oh well. Maybe it’ll get better!

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