Camilla’s Country Life – ITV


This was a really lovely programme, about the Duchess of Cornwall guest-editing the 13th July edition of Country Life to mark her 75th birthday.   Camilla hasn’t put a foot wrong since she married Prince Charles, despite having to put up with a lot of vilification from sections of the media and Diana fanatics.  She does a great deal of charity work and, as the programme pointed out several times, she *is* set to be our Queen one day.   It was great to get to know more about her, starting with seeing her with her sister and hearing about their Blytonesque childhood summers at their maternal grandparents’ country pile in Hampshire.  And it was also lovely to hear that the Duchess of Cambridge had taken the magazine cover photos: they obviously get on very well.  I can’t abide dogs and I’m nervous of horses, but she’s obviously very keen on both, and also on gardening, giving her a lot in common with Prince Charles, the Queen and Princess Anne.

Jeremy Clarkson also got a look in!   So did roast chicken.  And Philip Treacy’s hats.  But much of the programme focused on her charity work – with domestic violence charities, disabled service personnel, the Big Lunch project and a riding school in South London.   I thought that she came across very well, and it was a good opportunity to learn more about her.  A very nice programme all round!





3 thoughts on “Camilla’s Country Life – ITV

    • The title of Princess of Walea is awkwars because of its association with Diana, so I don’t think we’ll see that used until such time as Catherine becomes Princess of Wales. But the Queen’s said that Camilla should be Queen when the time comes.

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