Your Christmas or Mine?


Young drama student couple James and Hayley are both heading home from London for Christmas, he to Kemble (which, thank you Google, is a village in Gloucestershire), she to Macclesfield.   Macc itself, not the posh areas outside it!   At the last minute, they both decide they want to spend Christmas together, so she jumps on to his train and he jumps on to hers.   Heavy snow means that all the trains are cancelled, so each is stuck with the other’s family, and each finds out that the other hasn’t been quite straight with them.  It’s more than a bit silly, and of course, it all turns out happily in the end, but it’s an enjoyable seasonal film and will make you smile.

Cue a load of really cliched stuff about the posh boy meeting the ordinary family and the ordinary girl meeting the posh family.  It turns out that he’s the grandson of an earl and lives in a stately home, where people refer to tea as “supper”, whilst her family are like the Royle family.   His father, like Captain von Trapp, has made the house austere and gloomy ever since being widowed, whilst her family are laugh a minute. 

Neither family knows about the relationship.  His family think he’s at Sandhurst, and her family think she’s still engaged to her ex.  It’s all laid on with a trowel and a bit daft;  but, hey, it’s Christmas, and it’s all quite entertaining.   And available for free on Amazon Prime.   If you’ve got time, give it a go.


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