Merry Christmas, Good Yuletide …


… Happy Chanukah, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays or any other form of greetings which works for you.   Thank you so much if you’ve read my reviews during the year, and thank you even more if you’ve commented.   Wishing you all the best for Christmas, and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.


Merry Christmas/Season’s Greetings, and a Happy New Year


Thank you so much to anyone who has read any of this during the year.  It’s probably mostly very boring, but it’s very therapeutic for me to write it, and I do get extremely excited if even one person reads any of it 🙂 .  The three most-viewed new posts of the year have been about Hitler’s Holocaust Railways, 1980s pop music and Queen Victoria’s children, which is a very weird combination.   Merry Christmas/Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year to anyone who’s read this far, and indeed anyone who hasn’t – and maybe in 2019 I’ll actually get through my enormous book mountain and TV backlog!